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How can we liven up your interior?


Between our combined years of experience, dedication to a bespoke service and particular speciality, Fusion Wood Creations stand as the preeminent choice for designing and creating beautiful bespoke resin tables.

At the same time, we are not limited to just tables – We can create countertops, placemats and similar pieces of tableware using the same design and manufacturing process.

Looking to discuss creating a resin table in more detail, or considering our tableware offer? Get in touch with us here.

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River Tables

River tables make for eye-catching pieces that don't sacrifice function for form. Easy to clean, sturdy in construction and endlessly customisable thanks to the range of woods, finishes and resins on offer, the only limit when it comes to our river tables is your imagination. 

Our River Tables

River Table


Live Edge Table

Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables draw the eye to the simple beauty that can be found in a cross-section of wood, with the natural edge preserved to showcase the tree's original shape. An endless source of rustic charm and organic beauty. 

Our Live Edge Tables


Resin Coasters

We design and produce bespoke resin coasters for your home or business. These can be made to match your existing furniture or as something new and exciting. Our resin coasters make fantastic gifts and be produced from a range of woods with a variety of effects and finishes. 

Our Resin Coasters



Resin Chopping Boards

Our expertise is not limited just to larger pieces. Fusion Wood Creations are just as capable and bring the same attention to detail to creating smaller pieces such as resin chopping boards, serving boards, cheese boards and placemats. 

Our Chopping Boards


a bar countertop made out of a varnished wood

Resin Countertops

Once again, if it can be made with wood it is well within our capabilities. This includes everything from larger surfaces like resin countertops or bar tops to smaller pieces such as clocks or candle holders.

Our Resin Countertops


How do we bring your creations to life?

Our process for creating handmade custom resin tables and other wooden goods takes the time to get to the heart of what you want out of your creation and combines your vision with our expertise to create something truly special.



Consultation Period

Once you get in touch with us, we will have a number of conversations to develop your ideas into something more concrete. For example, you might have a picture of a bespoke resin table with a blue river design but had not considered the shading, size of the resin, grain of the wood or number of legs. We will work at your pace to iron out these details, and provide you with a rough estimate of costs based on the size of the design and the wood you want to use.



We will sustainably source the wood you are after using both our network of local sawmills in the Forest of Dean and trusted overseas suppliers for more exotic species, before supplying you with photographs of the range of grains available for your consideration. We will also produce and send you samples of the resins in several colours and blends so that we can agree upon the final epoxy to be used. We will also work with you to choose the exact legs that compliment both the table and your own character.



Design and Quotation Phase

Once we have come to an agreement on the design of the table, your choice of wood, resin and the required leg design, we will be in a position to come up with a final design and provide you with a final quotation.


Production Phase 

Once you are happy with your quote and we have received your order, we will then begin to source and produce your unique wooden creation, be that a bespoke resin table, a countertop or something else. We will supply you with photo updates the whole way through and keep you abreast of any developments or potential delays.




As your design starts to come to life and the production process reaches its final stages, Fusion Wood Creations will get in touch to discuss and confirm the shipment dates.



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