Bespoke River Tables

A durable and functional conversation starter.

Whatever room we are designing it for, our wooden river tables are certain to become the centrepiece.

A river table combines the very best of form and function – They are hard-wearing, endlessly durable and can last for decades longer than their conventional wooden counterparts, all while being a joy to look at. They combine the natural beauty and character of wooden slabs with striking resin for a beautiful and eye-catching effect.

We design your river table to your exact specifications, you choose which wood you want, what shape you want the table, whether you prefer a live edge table or a finished edge and what colour resin you want to run through the design. 


 River Table With Dark Resin




River Table With Blue Resin

River Table Orange

River Table Blue

River Table With Orange Resin






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 The River Table: A Journey from Nature to Your Home

River Tables by Fusion Wood Creations are not just pieces of furniture; they are a journey from the heart of nature into the warmth of your home. Each table is unique, using the natural flow of the grain combined with striking colourful resin. Our resin river tables are completely bespoke, we work with you throughout the entire process, from choosing your ideal wood, to the colour and look of the resin. From live edges to finished edges and a wide range of table legs available, we create everything exactly to your specifications, ensuring a finished product that complements the room it sits in perfectly.  River tables can make fantastic statement pieces. Combined with lights that make their resin shine, what used to be a simple coffee or dining table becomes a conversation starter and a piece of useable art. 


The Crafting Process: Our process combines artistry with precision. Starting with carefully selected slabs of wood, we shape and prepare the wood, ensuring every natural feature is highlighted. The resin, carefully tinted to complement the wood, is then poured, creating the mesmerizing 'river' that flows through each piece. After curing, the table is finished to a high standard, ensuring durability and a glass-like surface that accentuates the table's natural beauty.


Personalization at Its Core: Fusion Wood Creations believes in the personal touch. From selecting the wood to choosing the resin colour, our customization options ensure that your River Table is uniquely yours. Whether it's a statement piece for your living room or a focal point in your office, we work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

river table

Bring A Centrepiece Into Your Home

Our approach to creating bespoke resin tables combines your ideas and vision with our expertise, suppliers and practical know-how. We are able to source whatever kind of wood you require, tint our epoxy resin to your exact specifications and create practically any style of table, from centrepieces for your dining room to coffee or side tables.


Types Of River Tables


live edge river tables


Live Edge River Tables

Live edge river tables are beautiful combinations of nature and modern design. The river resin runs through the natural grain in the wood and we leave the edges of the table as nature made them. This blend of natural wood and high quality carpentry with a resin finish creates a wonderful centerpiece to any room. 



Finished Edge River Tables

If you want a river table with a finished edge, we can create just the thing for you. Our bespoke river tables can be cut to any shape you desire with finished edges to create your desired look. 

river table metallic blue

river coffee tables


River Coffee Tables

River coffee tables are an excellent addition to any living room or lounge area. We can create the table to you specifications and match the resin to the theme of your space. 

Our hard wearing high quality resin makes our river coffee tables excellent for holding drinks and easy to wipe clean if there's a spill. 



River Dining Tables

River tables for dining make excellent conversation pieces. Lights can be placed under the table to shine through the resin which illuminates the table and creates a magical dining experience. 

The hard wearing, high quality resin and finish on the tables make them excellent for holding plates and beverages. The surface will easily wipe clean and is extremely durable when it comes to potential scratches from cutlery. 


River Dining Table


Why River Tables?

River Tables are more than just furniture; they are a fusion of nature and artistry that bring a unique natural aesthetic to any space. They symbolise the meeting of two worlds – the organic and the crafted – creating a stunning visual impact that is both calming and captivating. The combination of high quality resin with an expertly prepared piece of natural wood can be sensational, which is why resin tables have grown in popularity over the years. 

Versatility: Perfect for any setting – from rustic to modern, traditional to contemporary. Our river tables can be customised to fit any design theme you have in your home. 

Durability: Crafted to last, our tables are made with the highest quality materials, ensuring they withstand the test of time and become a cherished part of your home.

Unique: No two River Tables are the same. Each piece is a unique work of art, ensuring that your furniture is as individual as you are.

For more information on our resin tables, bespoke designs or our tableware range, contact us today. 

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