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Fusion Wood Creations is a small family-run business, consisting of a father and son duo with lifelong passions for woodworking.

We handcraft bespoke statement resin tables, based around the unique requirements and vision of our customers. Each one of our beautifully-made epoxy resin tables is a fusion of our expertise for woodworking and the unique ideas of our customers, meaning that each product that leaves our workshop is truly one-of-a-kind.

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While we specialise in bespoke epoxy resin tables, we are more than happy to create larger and smaller products like bar tops and countertops all the way down to placemats, coasters and serving boards. If it can be made out of wood and resin, Fusion Wood Creations can create it.

Looking to upgrade your living space with truly unique custom furniture? Please get in touch with us to discuss a project.

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Malcolm John Mayers

I started my career as an aircraft engineer, moving into project management within the aerospace and defence industry where I have worked for the last 24 years. This has given me strong customer communication skills, capturing their requirements and converting them into detailed specifications with the unique ability to capture even the most finite of details.

Growing up with a carpenter and joiner for the father, I have always had a passion for making things. We even went so far as to work together in building a house at age 22. Most people would call me crazy, as I was not only working full-time and building a house in my spare time, but I was also studying at university for a Master's in business… I was successful in achieving all three, but it was a busy period in my life!

With the arrival of our son and my partner now at home raising him full time, she decided to start making a few things like wood and resin coasters, candle holders and signs. I enjoyed helping her with this, leading me to try my own hand at making a wood and resin table. One turned into three and then into five. Before I knew it, I was hooked.

My friends and family were so impressed with my workmanship and what I had created that this spurred me to pursue this further as a business, in the form of Fusion Wood Creations.

With my dad's background and experience, I just had to ask him to work alongside me once again. Since then, we have been creating one-of-a-kind works for art for our customers.

Malcolm Mayers Snr

I served in the HM Forces for 6 years, eventually leaving in 1982 to settle down and start a family life.

I found my feet in the civilian world in the construction industry as a carpenter. I qualified with the City and Guilds of London Institute in carpentry in 1987, which I passed with distinction. This led me to start my own construction company in 1990, which I am still running to this day.

Fast forward 33 years, and I have joined forces with my son to establish Fusion Wood Creations. It represents our joint passion for wood and resin-designed projects, and will hopefully be something my grandchildren can follow in.



Bespoke Epoxy Resin Tables

The values that drive Fusion Wood Creations

“Wood is our passion and customer satisfaction is our priority."


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Genuine Passion 

Fusion Wood Creations is a passion project, and we haven't let business dilute our enthusiasm for the craft of woodworking. Every day we get to work on bold statement pieces, practical tableware and bespoke resin tables, in our eyes, this is a day spent doing something we love. This passion shines through with our attention to detail and the quality of our products.


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Exacting Perfectionism 

Creating epoxy resin tables is a delicate art that demands an eye for details, and we like to think we go above and beyond the call. No piece leaves our workbench, let alone the workshop, until every conceivable detail has been triple-checked for quality, durability and longevity. 


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Construction Efficiency 

Bespoke epoxy resin tables might demand attention to detail and perfectionism, but this doesn't mean we use this as an excuse for delays. Once we give a timescale or schedule for the completion of a project, we do everything we possibly can to stick to it and deliver the goods on time.


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Bespoke Services 

The unique combination of Malcolm Mayer's aerospace experience with Malcolm Snr's long career in construction gives us a unique perspective, and a way of getting to grips with a customer's unique requirements. We uphold these ideas with our craftsmanship, effectively turning your ideas into physical works of art. 


For lovingly crafted custom furniture that combines your ideas and personality with exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, look no further than Fusion Wood Creations.

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Where are we based?

Our workshop is based in the centre of the Forest of Dean, allowing us to source local woods such as Oak, Chestnut, Walnut etc. from just a few miles away. Of course, if your tastes and preferences require something more exotic or expensive, we are perfectly capable of sourcing wood for your project from overseas.



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