Caring for your bespoke creation

Whatever design, colour or wood you opt for, a river table is a bold statement piece that turns heads and attracts compliments.

Handmade river tables like those we produce at Fusion Wood Creations are impressively sturdy both in construction and finish, and are bound to outlast even the priciest mass-produced high street alternative. They combine the natural durability and heft of wood with the hard-wearing properties of resin epoxy, giving you the best of both worlds.

Yet sturdy doesn't mean indestructible. Like all pieces of furniture, the lifespan of a resin table is proportional to how much you care for it.

They can take more wear and tear than the other options on the market, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be diligent in caring for your river table. At the same time, making sure that your river table lasts you for years (If not decades) is less about what you do to care for it and more about diligence and what you don't do to it.

Here is a quick guide for taking care of your new bespoke resin table.


Do regularly clean
your river table

Epoxy resin is a hard-wearing and durable substance, so all you need for regular cleans is a soft cloth and a bit of mild soapy water, taking care not to over wet the surface. This is more than enough to tackle any dust, dirt or minor stains that have built up.

For tackling tougher stains or residue, you can use hot soapy water and a standard dish sponge. However, do not use abrasive cleaners, scrubbing pads or strong cleaning agents.

This is a surefire way to damage the table's surface permanently, either through cleaning agents eating into the resin or abrasives scratching it.

 a wooden river table with a live middle resin that is transparent and shiny


a bespoke river table with a red epoxy resin river


Do not put hot objects on your river table

The melting point of epoxy resin is in excess of 250 degrees Celsius, but lower temperatures can still cause permanent damage. Placing a hot skillet or pan directly onto your river table will invariably lead to discolouration or warping.

Always use placemats and coasters when serving a meal at your river table.


Do take care around direct sunlight

Continuous sunlight can lead to degradation and discolouration of the epoxy surface, leading to a yellowing or hazy appearance and a loss of glossiness. This is due to UV radiation breaking down the chemical bonds in the resin.

This doesn't mean that you can't use your river table outdoors or position it near a window – You just need to take a few precautions. Put your resin table somewhere shaded or use an umbrella if you are taking it outside and consider drawing the blinds on exceptionally sunny days.

Note: - The above is a general rule for epoxy resin, however we only use high grade UV stabilised resin which effectively counteracts the UV-induced yellowing of the casting resin.


a person using a buffer to polish the surface of a epoxy river table



a person using a paintbrush to varnish a resin river table

Do not let spills or moisture soak in

While epoxy resin is generally water-resistant, prolonged exposure to water (Such as a spill that's been left to soak in) can have an impact on the surface.

Chips or dents in particular can pose an issue here, as water and other liquids can soak directly into the wood, becoming trapped under the resin and damaging the overall structure of the table. Placemats and coasters should always be used to reduce the risk of damaging the resin finish.

When it comes to mopping up any accidental spillages, use standard absorbent cloth and double-check to make sure every drop of moisture has been wiped away.



Do double-check its construction
once in while

Regular use of any kind of table is going to have an adverse effect on the nuts, bolts and screws that hold it together, and our bespoke resin tables are no different.

To make sure your resin table is as sturdy as it can be, make it a point to regularly check the connectors, particularly those connecting the tabletop to the base.




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