Resin tables have catapulted to prominence in recent years. Fewer styles of furniture can claim to be as versatile, attention drawing or uniquely beautiful. Their overall aesthetic appeal elevates any space they are used in, be that as a centrepiece dining table or a smaller side table for a living room.

Yet these unique qualities come with what some might consider a high cost, raising questions about the longevity of resin tables.

After all, what's the point in spending money on something if it's not going to last?

The truth is that a well-built resin table from a reputable craftsman or woodworker is almost always going to outlive a comparatively-priced all-wooden table, if it is properly cared for.

Here are the reasons why resin tables crafted by Fusion Wood Creations are built to last.


We use hard wearing epoxy resin

Even cheaper-quality epoxy resin is scratch-resistant, to a degree, however we only use premium grade epoxy resins which will more than stand up to wear and tear, be moisture-resistant and resilient to high heat, all while having immense tensile strength.

What might seem like ‘hardier' table materials like granite or marble are porous, meaning that even smaller spillages can seep in and age their surfaces over time. Whether you use your epoxy resin table in your kitchen, living room or dining room, you can rest knowing it is going to withstand most of what life throws at it.

As long as you take some basic precautions, the resin itself will last indefinitely.


resin table



green resin table

The wood we use is of equally high quality

Whether we source the wood for a project from our network of local sawmills in the Royal Forest of Dean, from somewhere further afield or even overseas, we ensure we will be working with only the finest quality wood.

We assay every individual piece of wood for quality, eye-catching features and pleasing grains or patterning for our projects.

We ensure that all the wood we source has been fully air-dried for seasoning and then kiln dried in preparation for furniture making, ensuring it isn't only going to last but that the epoxy can bond well via the wood's natural pores.



We refuse to cut corners

We are a bespoke furniture workshop, who understand that our customers come to us for truly unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their tastes and personalities.

We believe it's only right that we honour their custom and choice by giving each project that comes our way our all, leaving no stone unturned in the design and construction process. No piece of furniture or tableware that leaves our workshop does so without us having crossed every I and dotted every T.

When you choose Fusion Wood Creations, you can be sure you will receive a superb-quality product handmade by lifelong craftsmen with care and passion.



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